Getting Active and Staying Active

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Benefits of being active


Exercise benefits: Energy increase l Manufacture and release of endorphins, the body's feel-good chemicals

 Amplified strength and stamina l Increase in brain power, clear thinking

 Disease and disability prevention l Better, deeper, more restful sleep

Alleviates depression

 Decreases stress

 Increases lean tissue and decreases body fat 

Enhances circulation l Keeps bones strong and prevents osteoporosis

Increases self-esteem

Helps to break other bad habits

Motivation to begin: Use self rewards

 Toot your own horn

Take a class through your local parks and rec – something you've always meant to do like belly dancing or water ballet

Start a group and perform fitness videos together

 Be active with your family l Make exercise a priority

 Find the time and assign a time

 Do it (make it fun) l Make it a habit (it'll take 6-8 weeks for the habit to be ingrained)

 Use positive thinking (Tell yourself you're giving yourself a gift)

 Reduce the obstacles (put your exercise clothes out before you go to bed, keep your bike in top condition, pay for your gym membership ahead of time)

 Hitch exercise to an essential (bike to work!) l Have others help you be accountable

 Find a role model

 Acknowledge that there are pros and cons

Don’t sweat the times you don't exercise